Weekly Sudoku Puzzle - June 27, 2022

Charlie, Heywise Staff

Sudoku WriterCharlie, Heywise Staff

Charlie took to the written word like a fish takes to water. That is to say; they found themselves immersed in literature from before they were born. They've been known to tell their friends how they can still remember the passages their parents read to them when they were in utero - Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, and a bit of Hunter S. Thompson thrown in to balance it out. Charlie keeps their feet wet, whether they're whipping up pithy one-liners to tease your brain or busy working on their second novel (the first one is available on Amazon under a pen name they refuse to disclose). You’re sure to get a kick out of giggle-worthy explanations and outrageous hints, and still come away feeling like you’ve just expanded your knowledge base.

Did you know?

Sudoku is great for your brain

It makes sense that solving any puzzle gives your brain a workout. What you might not know, however, is just how beneficial sudoku puzzles can be.

To solve sudoku challenges, you have to engage and utilize many different skill sets involving working memory, deductive abilities, and problem-solving. This leads to a noticeable boost in concentration. After all, you have to concentrate pretty hard to solve some of the harder sudoku puzzles. Beyond this, our brains like to reward us with some endorphins whenever we succeed at a task. Sudoku is full of small tasks that build up to a big challenge, so solving each cell provides a notable boost in mood.

Thanks to the endorphin release and the fact that you have to focus so hard, sudoku puzzles can help limit feelings of stress and anxiety. Additionally, since sudoku engages your working memory, your memory will improve with every puzzle you solve.

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