Weekly Sudoku Puzzle - July 4, 2022

Zach, Heywise Staff

Sudoku WriterZach, Heywise Staff

Zach has been riding the gondola of trivia wherever the waters take him. Although he’s not a named consultant on any major quiz TV shows, Zach has watched them all since infancy and will happily take up any challenge whether it be pub quizzes or high-stakes matches he isn’t afraid to show up. And showing up is 90% of the work!

Did you know?

Wanna hear some sudoku facts?

Even though sudoku is relatively new as far as puzzles go, it has a very dynamic history with lots of fun facts and tidbits. For example, most sudokus receive a difficulty grade between one and five, with one being relatively easy. Arto Inkala, a Finnish mathematician, claimed to have created the world's hardest sudoku in 2012. According to "The Telegraph," Inkala's puzzle would receive a difficulty rating of 11.

Did you know that no matter how fast you complete sudoku puzzles, you'll never be able to complete them all? Each cell can contain a number between one and nine, or it can be blank. This means that there are well over a billion potential sudoku puzzles. For reference, even if you solved a puzzle every second, it would take you almost 32 years to solve a billion of them.

By the way, the fastest time to complete a sudoku puzzle is just under one minute and 30 seconds.

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