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What folks are saying:

Doneen R.

Apparently I'd make a great teacher - who knew! I'm probably not going to go back to school or anything, but it was fun to find out some stuff about my personality, and a few of the questions were things I hadn't really thought about before. Fun way to get a bit insightful!

Doneen R.

Shalane G.

Where did the last two hours go? I think I just did twenty quizzes and I now know more about myself, the history of America, and Game of Thrones than I ever thought I would (or would want to). This was fun! Definitely going to share with my friends, but mostly to see if I beat all their sorry scores.

Shalane G.

Lorenzo D.

The puppies! I have never done so many animal quizzes in a row, but the adorable pictures made me keep clicking forever. I feel like I fell down a Heywise black hole and now that I'm out the other side, I feel kind of sad. What should I do next? a) buy a dog; b) play one more quiz c) skip dinner and play quizzes all night...

Lorenzo D.