Swingin' with the Fifties: Put Your Knowledge to the Test!


Celebrated for its unique style, the 1950s is an era that many are nostalgic for. It was the era of early Rock and Roll, classic cars, and post-war booms. Brand new appliances made their way into homes where they transformed home life. Diners served milkshakes with real milk as teens hopped and bopped to a jukebox. With its drive-in movie theatres, poodle skirts, and television, the 1950s is an iconic golden age.

But how much do you really know about it? Pull back the atomic bark curtains of your imagination and recall the Cold War, the space race, and the world leaders who put their stamp on the era. As decades go, the 1950s was a prosperous period of history that was fraught with change. As communism threatened far-flung shores, filmgoers reclined in their theatre seats to swoon over James Dean and Brigitte Bardot. It was a glorious period of time—unlike any other.

Did you know?

Why Was Unique about 1950s Cuisine?

With the development of new appliances and new culinary technologies, the 1950s witnessed the transformation of food. Prepackaged foods and TV dinners promised to make modern life easier. Ethnic foods entered the mainstream in a way they hadn’t before. An era of adventurous dishes and remarkable casseroles, the 1950s was a remarkable period of history when people routinely attended cocktail and dinner parties complemented by gravity-defying Jell-Os. It was also the era that witnessed the birth of fast food and meals enjoyed for the first time in front of the glow of a TV screen. Sure—there was probably too much tuna noodle casserole, but there were relish trays, chiffon cakes, and frothy root beer floats; it was delicious!

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