Can You Name these Southern Dishes?

Every region has its own distinct cuisine. Depending on your palate, the offerings are either appealing or cringe-worthy. The Southern United States is known for their unique specialties. Much like the French, these dishes often involve butter, butter, and more butter. Whatever of your preferences, you can still enjoy this quiz testing your knowledge of southern fare. We’ll show you the food on your plate. Your job is to match it to the familiar name for the dish. Note: we said “familiar.” We can’t begin to predict what your Great Aunt Ethel or Cousin Willie would have called it any given Sunday on the patio with a great big glass of sweet tea in hand.

Did you know?

The Southern Belle: Fried Chicken

Pieces of chicken, typically still on the bone, are floured or battered and then fried. Then, they're cut at the joints with the bones and skin still intact. Fried chicken is typically made from a broiler chicken, and the batter and the method of frying make all of the difference in just how crunchy, crispy, and downright delicious the dish will be.

Some soak the chicken in buttermilk before battering, others in a salty brine. The chicken can be pan-fried, deep-fried, or pressure-fried. One method requires refrying cooled deep-fried chicken for extra crunch.

Many people in the North associate fried chicken with Colonel Sanders, but he is just one of many famous folks who have made a name for themselves in the South with this delicious dish Plus, this soul food staple is making its way into restaurants of all calibers across the United States, thanks to a resurgence of love for homemade, heartfelt cooking.

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