Dive into the Magical World of Wicca with This Spellbinding Quiz


There's more to Wicca than the terminology you may have heard in movies and TV shows like Practical Magic (1998) and Charmed. And perhaps #Witchtok has given you some insight into a topic that's growing in popularity.

This pagan religion's founders drew on pre-Christian ideas, Freemasonry, and nature to construct modern ideals and practices for open minds. Yes, there's talk of crystals and energy. Witches concoct aura cleanses, set up candlelit altars heavy with the scent of incense, visit Manhattan parks for full moon rituals, and sometimes have human skull motifs lying around. But there's no devil worshipping involved, and whatever your thoughts on the matter, Wicca's focus on positivity and self-care has been a source of healing for many. Whether you know all about the craft or dipping your toes in metaphysical waters, this quiz will have you spellbound. So, put your esoteric thinking cap on, and let's get started.

Did you know?

Witchcraft intersects with commerce

It's no secret that witchcraft has intersected with politics—witches have been persecuted for centuries and still face discrimination. But there's generally less talk of powerful women who resist organized religion, the patriarchy, and the money they've made. Witches have been businesswomen securing the bag since at least 13th century Europe. When they weren't helping sailors with the winds, they administered medicine to people too poor to afford doctors and performed abortions. And in the 21st century, witchcraft is a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry with Airbnb rituals, subscription boxes containing crystals and potion kits, and expensive one-on-one sessions with pagans who may or may not be social media influencers. Wiccans don't need to belong to a coven to practice, so credentials and knowledge vary, but people are buying what amateur and pro witches are selling. Modern witches who are astrologists, mediums for ancestral spirit guides, or palm readers also often offer alternative health services such as Reiki, and corporations are cashing in on a witch renaissance too.

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