Would You Survive Squid Game?


Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game's storyline revolves around South Korea's economic hardship and class inequality. Touching on concepts of crushing debt, family, and duty, the show's struck a chord with viewers all over the world, quickly becoming Netflix's most-watched series ever. Of course, nobody would ever WANT to play such dangerous games, but what if circumstances force you to take part. Would you put your life on the line for vast sums of money? Have you realized we basically do that every time you go to work? Would you survive the Squid Game?

Did you know?

The doll Is real!

The terrifying giant doll that served as the curator in the Red Light, Green Light game wasn't just a prop made for the show; it's actually a real thing. The one used in the show is an exhibit at Macha Land, which is a museum in the Jincheon province of South Korea. It was borrowed for the series and can be found in the museum today. The doll is also used in the real world, where it tries to catch people who break the rules, kind of like it does in the show. In the Philippines, it is installed at crosswalks and programmed to detect jaywalkers. If an ambler is started, its eyes begin glowing an angry red color. We have to imagine that it must be very effective at this job, especially for those who've seen Squid Game. It would certainly make us think twice.

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