Will Your Heart Go On if You Fail This Titanic Quiz?


Ahoy there, mate! You're in for a real maritime adventure. Join us as we set off on an epic voyage of Titanic trivia. Whether you're a movie fan and love the 1997 film, or you're just fascinated with the doomed Ship of Dreams and its maiden journey, this quiz is sure to float your boat. Come aboard and revisit many of the iconic moments in this hugely successful blockbuster picture. We also explore some interesting info related to that fateful night more than a century ago. On this deep dive, you'll encounter actors, songs, quotes, memes, and cold hard facts. Consider yourself a pop-culture enthusiast who knows your bow from your stern? You may be just the type of person to ace this expedition. So if you're ready to delve further, strap your life jacket on, hold your breath, and take the plunge. And remember - when you jump, we jump.

Did you know?

What debates arise from this classic movie?

Many debates have emerged from James Cameron's masterpiece. Made two and a half decades ago, at least at the time of writing, Rose's privilege when she says, "to me, it was a slave ship - taking me back to America in chains" raises eyebrows in the 21st century. People also wonder about the Birkenhead Drill. This code of conduct saw only 20% of men on the ship saved, compared to 52% of the children and 74% of the women. Today, with enough lifeboats on ships, this is less of an issue. But the consensus that vulnerable people such as children, the ill, and the elderly get help first during disaster evacuations is the ethical norm. No question is more popular than whether Jack had to die and whether he could have fit on the door with Rose. According to James Cameron, Jack had to RIP for the movie to be good. As for the door, it might have looked large enough, but with two people on it, it would have sunk.

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