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Mario or Sonic… that was the age-old debate and started by SEGA as it tried to compete with the Nintendo powerhouse. Sonic has long since left that comparison behind and has become as much of a legacy as the plumber himself. Launched in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was a hit from day one and now is a massive franchise of video games, tv series, and feature films. Maybe you fancy yourself as the blue hedgehog himself, perhaps you prefer the idea of flying with your two tails, or perhaps you walk on the darker side as the ultimate power? Everyone has favorites in the Sonic universe; the question is, which one are you?

Did you know?

Much like Sonic himself, the creator didn’t always follow rules!

There’s a little easter egg at the end of the first game, snuck in by Yuji Naka when he rebelled against SEGA’s ‘no credits rule’. You’ll need a cheat code to see it, but the names of all involved appear in black text against a black screen.  

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