Which Yasuke Character Are You Most Like?


Yasuke is a series of epic proportions and an animated series that’s definitely not for kids! If you’ve been drawn in by the adventures of the first Black samurai, this is the quiz for you! Are you the regret-filled warlord Oda, dreaming of a unified country once again? Or perhaps you’re more like Natsumaru, skilled at looking after yourself and others – but with a secret. Join the fight and take our Yasuke quiz – and don’t forget to share your results!

Did you know?

Yasuke is based on real-life, historical events

Okay, we know that there weren’t really any giant robots or lasers kicking about in 16th Century Japan, so the series is only loosely based in history. But Yasuke absolutely was a real person, as was Oda Nobunaga, also known as the “Great Unifier” of the country of Japan. The show deals primarily with what happened after Yasuke was captured following the ultimate defeat of Oda Nobunaga’s forces. However, some flashbacks do hint at key aspects of the samurai’s life, including his initial meeting with the warlord Nobunaga and how he rose through the ranks. What better way to learn a little Japanese history than with animation, mechs, and magic?

How to Play?

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