Which Vikings Character Are You?


If you’re obsessed with the History Channel series Vikings, you might wonder what life would be like as a conquerer. If given the opportunity to sail to new lands, using only the stars to guide you, would you take it? Would you plunder newly-discovered lands for riches in a quest to become king? If the answer is yes, you’re halfway to becoming like Ragnar Lothbrok. But is Ragnar truly the character that represents you best? Or are you a ruthless warrior living in the shadow of your powerful brother, like Rollo? Answer a few questions, and we’ll let you know.


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Did you know?

The show wasn't supposed to recurring series

Vikings was initially produced as a nine-part miniseries; however, the reaction from the viewing audience was so positive the History Channel decided to roll with a winning production. The entire cast spent time learning several languages that would’ve been necessary to communicate in the Dark Ages, among them Frankish, Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, and of course, Latin. Additionally, the actors took years of martial arts training to make the hand-to-hand combat scenes more authentic. The ultimate goal was to create an accurate depiction of Viking life, and keep our butts glued to the couch.

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