Which Traitor Are You?


Do you have a penchant for convincing others to believe what you say? Are you interested in strategy games that require you to carve alliances with other people as you try to work toward a common goal? Have you ever heard of The Traitors? The whole point of the game is for a team of good guys to sus out the bad guys and oust them one by one, while the bad guys kill the good guys and try to last to the end of the game. If that sounds up your alley, check out the show. If you've already watched it, do you know which traitor you are? Are you willing to be converted over from faithful to traitor? Will you carve out beneficial alliances or will you do whatever it takes to make sure you come out on top? There's only one way to find out, and it's this quiz!

History Lesson

Adapting Intrigue: The Traitors from Dutch Origins to American Screens

"The Traitors," a riveting American reality series, originated from the Dutch show "De Verraders," featuring a unique blend of psychological gameplay and strategic maneuvering. This concept of mingling loyalty and deception was brilliantly adapted for the UK audience before making its way to American screens. Hosted by the enigmatic Alan Cumming, the American version premiered on Peacock in January 2023 and quickly distinguished itself by preserving the core elements while injecting distinct cultural flavors.

In adapting the show, producers maintained the original's compelling format where contestants, split into "Faithfuls" and "Traitors," engage in a deceit-filled battle to secure a cash prize. Set in a Scottish castle, a nod to the grandeur of European settings, the American version capitalizes on elaborate missions and the suspense of nightly eliminations. The Traitors must covertly "murder" the Faithfuls, who in turn must identify and banish the Traitors to protect their numbers and their shot at the prize.

The transition from the Dutch version to the American adaptation involved subtle changes to cater to a broader, culturally diverse audience. While both the British and American versions are filmed at the same castle and share many props and challenges, the American adaptation differentiates itself with its hosting style and localized content that resonates with U.S. viewers. This careful blend of original elements with new twists has allowed "The Traitors" to captivate a global audience while honoring its Dutch roots.

Did you know?

What is The Traitors?

The Traitors is a reality television series that follows a group of contestants playing a game. Before the game begins, a handful of players are deemed traitors. The traitors know who the other traitors are, but the remaining contestants, called "faithful" do not. The traitors murder a faithful each night while the faithful try to weed out the traitors. If the faithful eliminate all traitors, they win and share the prize. If any of the traitors survive until the end of the game, they steal the prize money for themselves.

The show is based on a Dutch series titled De Verraders. While it got a UK adaptation a year after the Dutch success, in 2023, it came to the US, becoming one of the most popular reality shows on television. With actors from other reality shows like Survivor and The Real World, this show brought plenty of familiar faces back on the screen for an unforgettable show.

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