Which "The Cat Returns" Character Are You Most Like?


The Cat Returns may not be the most famous Studio Ghibli movie, but it is a much-loved movie with a large and enthusiastic fan base. If you’re a fan of The Cat Returns, you’re probably delighted at the idea that cats have a secret kingdom all their own, with their own culture and traditions. You may even have wondered what it would be like to go there, hopefully under better circumstances than Haru does. Would you be a bold adventurer like Muta? Would you have the wit, bravery, and savoir-faire of the Baron? Would you lose yourself there and end up trapped there forever, like Haru very nearly did? Would you have the gratitude and loyalty of Yuki?

Did you know?

The Cat Returns Is actually a sequel

Although it stands well on its own, "The Cat Returns" is actually a sequel to another Studio Ghibli movie, "Whisper of the Heart," a musical coming-of-age story. One of the only characters they have in common is Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, and, in the original movie, he isn't even real. One of the plotlines in "Whisper of the Heart" is a young girl writing a story about a cat-man searching for his lost love, based on a figurine she finds named "The Baron." She pours her heart and soul into the story and into the character of the Baron. In "The Cat Returns," the Baron has become real because of the writer's passion for her creation, and much of the movie revolves around him helping a new protagonist. The other character the two films share in common is Muta. In the first movie, he is another character in the story, the Baron's enemy, but he is based on a real neighborhood cat. In the second movie, the real cat Muta has gotten to know the Baron and sometimes helps him.

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