Which "That '90s Show" Character Are You?

90s kids, it's time to take a walk down memory lane with "That '90s Show!"

Join Leia Forman as she visits her grandparents in the nostalgic world of Point Place and hangs out with its newest bunch of locals.

Will you fit into Red and Kitty Formans' tight rules, or will your rebellious nature see you transporting back through time? Find out which character from this rebooted comedy series best matches your personality— because sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll never die; they just change their clothes now and again! Put on those bucket hats and scrunchies! Let's find that perfect match for you today!

History Lesson

Did you ever watch MTV's "The Real World?"

The concept of The Real World was simple: put a group of young strangers in a house together and document their lives. Each season focused on a different group of people, and the house they lived in was always in a different city. The cast members were chosen for their diversity, and the show aimed to explore issues of race, gender, and sexuality.

The first season of The Real World was filmed in a loft in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. The cast consisted of seven young people, including a musician, a model, a poet, and a student. The show was an instant hit and became one of MTV's highest-rated programs.

Over the years, The Real World continued to be a popular show, and it spawned numerous spin-offs and imitators. The show was known for its controversial moments, including fights, hookups, and discussions of sensitive topics such as religion and politics.

One of the most notable aspects of The Real World was its impact on the culture at large. The show was a cultural phenomenon, and it helped to launch the careers of many of its cast members. The Real World also had a significant impact on the fashion, music, and language of the 1990s.

Did you know?

The average kid in the 1990s owned 8.5 Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were a cultural phenomenon in the 90s, and it seemed like everyone had at least a few of these cute, collectible stuffed animals. But just how many Beanie Babies did the average kid actually own? According to a 1999 survey conducted by the NPD Group, the answer was 8.5! Beanie Babies were so popular that they spawned their own secondary market, with people buying and selling the toys like stocks. At the height of the craze, certain rare Beanie Babies could fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While the market has since cooled down, many people who grew up in the 90s still have fond memories of collecting these little stuffed animals.

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