Unleash the Magic: Find Out Which Studio Ghibli Character Matches Your Personality!


Anyone who has heard of Studio Ghibli knows that the animation studio is known for its lovable characters, whimsical stories, and artistically-crafted watercolor-esque scenery. The studio was started in 1985 by three men: directors Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and producer Toshio Suzuki. While there was a brief pause on production in 2014 when Miyazaki retired, by 2017, the director returned to the company to begin making films again. Studio Ghibli films are beloved around the world for their captivating storytelling, beautiful artwork, and endearing characters. In the decades they have been producing movies, Studio Ghibli has released some of the world's most heart-warming animated characters. Get whisked away into the fantastic worlds of Studio Ghibli and discover which iconic character you are most like by taking this quiz.

Did you know?

Studio Ghibli is responsible for five of the highest-grossing anime films worldwide

Studio Ghibli is a film studio that deserves the accolades it gets. Spirited Away is the highest earner, with over $350 million grossed worldwide at the box office. This places it at number two on the list of highest-grossing anime of all time, and in Japan, Spirited Away actually comes in at the number one spot. The studio has four more films on the worldwide list. Howl's Moving Castle comes in at number four with earnings of over $250 million. Ponyo follows close behind at the number five spot with a little over $200 million. They also hold the number nine and number ten spots, with the films Princess Mononoke and The Secret World of Arrietty, respectively.

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