Which Star Wars Character Are You?

  • By Nathan
  • Updated Aug 01, 2023

It's natural to watch an iconic movie franchise like Star Wars and compare ourselves to the characters we see on-screen. Perhaps you can relate to Rey's backstory, or you see yourself as a courageous, lovable rogue like Poe Dameron. This personality-based quiz will help you figure out which Star Wars character you really are — there won't be any shying away from the facts after this. If you've always wanted to prove you're the real-life Kylo Ren, then give this quiz a go and share the results with your friends. Are you a light-side Jedi or a dark-side Sith? Is your group a collective of all the favorite characters? Find out with our Star Wars quiz.


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Let us introduce you to the Listicle Liege, the Article Aficionado, the one and only Nathan. Since creating his first photo collage at the age of five with images clipped from his mom’s Chatelaine magazines (all of them), it’s been nearly impossible to stem this one’s tide of visual learning. Be it the annals of history or the latest celeb gossip, Nathan has probably researched it, likely already has a folder of relevant photos on his desktop, and definitely learned a lot of interesting facts to go with those images. Whereas most well-read adults have bookshelves full of classic literature, Nathan’s stacks are composed of National Geographic and TIME special editions and a curated section of first-grade readers (for inspiration). If you prefer picture books to wordy novels, listicles by Nathan are right up your alley.

Did you know?

Who was Luke Skywalker in the original script?

After the huge success of his first feature film, American Graffiti, the powers that be gave George Lucas the chance to make any film he desired before they had even read the script. Lucas had been considering a space-opera based on The Hero's Journey for a long time, and since "space films" were rarely financed back then, he figured this would be his only opportunity. He cranked out the script in no time at all and showed it to the studio. They were less than impressed. First of all, they regretted not checking out Lucas' ideas before giving him this open-ended opportunity. Furthermore, they decried the lack of female characters in the script. Lucas thought this to be an easy fix; he simply changed the main character (then Luke Starkiller) to an 18-year-old girl. At the time, this was too radical — imagine a space opera with a female lead! That was never going to happen, and within a few months, Luke reclaimed his Y chromosome. It wasn't until 40 years later that Rey gave the world what could have happened much sooner.

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