Discover Your Perfect Spider-Man Match: Which Character Are You Most Like?


Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes ever. Easily as famous as Batman or Superman, he's been featured in several lines of comic books, many graphic novels, numerous animated and live-action shows, and a whole bunch of movies. People who grew up watching and reading Spider-Man now have grandchildren who also grew up following his exploits as well. If you're a fan of the wall-crawler’s adventures, then you may sometimes wonder which Spider-Man character you are most like. Are you as noble and heroic as Spidey himself? Are you a tortured genius like Harry Osborn? Are you loving and compassionate, like Aunt May? Whether you’ve been with Spider-Man since the beginning or only discovered him through his recent movies, you’ll be sure to have fun.

Did you know?

Spider-Man Changed Comics Forever

Spider-Man broke new ground for superhero comics when he was first created back in the 60s. You see, comic books used to be very different than how they are today. Before the creation of Spider-Man, the only teenagers in costumes were sidekicks, like Bucky Barnes or Robin, the Boy Wonder. They all had adult heroes serving as mentors and protectors to them, and never really had the limelight to themselves. By making awkward, nerdy, teenage Peter Parker into Spider-Man, Marvel comics gave its teen readers someone they could identify with. His struggles to grow into his identity as Spider-Man were like the average teens' struggles to find their own identities. This forever transformed superheroes from unattainable ideals for readers to look up to into realistic people that readers could relate to. It could even be argued that the modern era of complex, flawed, relatable superheroes got its start with Spider-Man.

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