Which Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Character Are You?


When Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse first dropped in 2018, it rapidly became many people’s favorite superhero movie. The film brought fan-favorite comic character Miles Morales to the big screen in spectacular fashion, with creative visuals that continue to impact the animation industry years later. Needless to say, everyone was anxiously awaiting a sequel, so when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was released, crowds rushed to the theaters. What awaited everyone was a story that perfectly recaptured the unbelievable charm of the first film’s characters while still expanding on their relationships, especially Gwen and Miles. It also brought in a few new faces that—for better or worse—left a lasting impression. Across the Spider-Verse is one of those movies that is so vibrant and exciting that you leave the theater imagining yourself swinging from building to building or diving through reality-altering multiverse portals. While there is a universe out there where any one of us is a member of the Spider Society, in this one, you’ll just have to settle for figuring out which iconic character represents you the best, and all it takes is answering a few simple questions.

History lesson

Spider-Man trivia for Spider-Fans

  1. Spider-Man wasn’t actually going to be a spider-based superhero. Stan Lee initially wanted to base a comic on a fly or insect but decided on a spider.
  2. The correct way of writing the spider’s name is actually Spider-Man; Stan Lee specifically placed a hyphen to avoid confusion with “Superman.”
  3. Spider-Man’s web is faster than a bullet; in one situation, Spider-Man managed to web a gun as the trigger was pulled.
  4. A weakness of the seemingly indestructible Spider-Man seems to be the pesticide ethyl chloride.
  5. Spider-Man: The Animated Series had only three punches in the entire series; this was due to huge censorship from Fox.
  6. In 2007, Marvel’s four-issue Spider-Man: Reign depicts a possible future where Mary Jane dies of cancer caused by Peter’s radioactive sperm.
  7. If a gamer completes 100% of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, the player is gifted Spider-Man as a playable character.
  8. Spider-Man wasn’t the only amazing hero in his family; his parents were spies and died in a plane crash hence why Peter lived with May and Uncle Ben.
  9. The Green Goblin actually got Gwen Stacy pregnant, and the twins later came back to battle Spider-Man.
  10. Spider-Man has died numerous times, including in the storylines “The Other” and “Superior Spider-Man.”

Did you know?

Spider-Man fan creations were added to the film?

A core theme that really draws people into the Spider-Verse movies is that anyone can be Spider-Man—even a talking pig. Well, the creators of the films embraced that idea while creating Across the Spider-Verse, bringing in fan creations as part of the actual movie.

One such example is Sun-Spider, a unique character who originated as a Spidersona—a fan-created character. Marvel reached out to fans to create some Spidersonas for an upcoming Spider-Verse comic. Artist Dayn Broder submitted Charlotte Webber, AKA Sun-Spider, who was then added to the comic. Later on, the animators were such big fans of the character that they also included Sun-Spider in the movie.

But the fan creations don’t stop there! Fourteen-year-old animator Preston Mutanga loves to create and upload LEGO versions of various movie scenes and trailers, especially from Spider-Man movies. Seeing his passion and skills, the animation team brought him in to direct Across the Spider-Verse’s brief stint in the LEGO universe.

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