Which "Southern Charm" Cast Member Are You?


With its lovable and interesting cast of characters, Southern Charm shows what living the lush life looks like in Charleston, South Carolina. If you've always wondered with of the cast members you're most like, now's your chance to find out. We'll explore your personality by asking you about the South and the 80s. Once you've answered each question, it'll be easy for us to tell if you're more like Shep, Taylor, Venita, or someone else. Throw on your best leg warmers, grab a glass of sweet tea, and get started.

Did you know?

It was all about Thomas

In 2014, Bravo decided to add another reality show to their roster. Given the success of other reality programs, it was a natural progression to move from ritzy housewives into the historical city of Charleston, South Carolina. Although it has grown into a reality show that revolves around the lifestyles of several of Charleston's elite, it wasn't the original plan. In fact, the only person who was supposed to star in the show was Thomas. It was initially meant to be a documentary-style show that chronicled his business and personal lives. However, producers of the series found the other people in his realm so interesting, over-the-top, and likable that it was expanded into the multi-cast reality show that it is today. With several successful seasons under the show's belt, you can be sure that the next season will be full of arguments, parties, and all the things you've come to love about Southern Charm.

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