Which Cast Member From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Are You?


Are you rich AF and deserving of a reality TV crew following you at all hours of the day and night? Of course, no one really deserves that fate, but some people really want to improve their brand and name recognition. Or something like that. Of all the RH series, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is by far the greatest, and because it's Hollywood, it's easy to make believe that you could easily be a cast member on the show. Let's find out which cast member from RHOBH you're most like. Once the producers get wind of your sass, someone's gonna get replaced!

Did you know?

RHOBH is all drama all the time

They are now known for being Housewives, but did you know the other jobs of the cast members? Brandy Glanville is most known for her past marriage to Eddie Cibrian thanks to Eddie's wandering eye, which wandered right over to "How Do I Live" singer LeAnn Rimes. Denise Richards is mostly known for her past marriage to the notorious Charlie Sheen. Denise was also a Bond girl and has appeared in several high profile movies. Garcelle Beauvais has an actor past but is notable for her co-host role on The Real talk show. Kyle Richards also has family to thank for her fame, not for a husband, though. Her half-sister is Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris and Nicky. Lisa Rinna is also an actor, but she has her soap past to thank. She has starred in Days of Our Lives as Billie Reed on and off for the last 30 years. And while Lisa Vanderpump was a small-role child star, she is most famous for her Vanderpump Dogs charity that attempts to rehome dogs and rescue dogs from being eaten overseas.

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