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The Shrek franchise is an institution and is one of the most globally recognized animation series. Based on William Steig's children's book called "Shrek!", the series took the world by storm the minute it hit our screens. Shrek certainly pushed Casablanca out of the running for the world's best on-screen love story. Besides which, did Casablanca have an annoying donkey that featured in every scene? No, it didn't. Shrek wins. We all have our favorite Shrek character. Maybe we resonate with these animated screen personas because they reflect something within our own personality. Animated characters frequently resemble exaggerated forms of stereotypes and common personality quirks. This is why we identify so strongly with cartoons that come to life. Our quiz will predict which Shrek character is most like you. In the words of Donkey, "This is gonna be fun." Let's get started!

History time

Untold stories from the production of Shrek

  • The Genesis of Shrek: The tale of Shrek began with a rather unconventional source - William Steig's 1990 children's book. This book, adored by producer John Williams' kids, flipped the classic happily-ever-after ending on its head, paving the way for the creation of the movie we all love today.
  • The Voice Behind Shrek: The voice of Shrek has an interesting history. Initially, Chris Farley was chosen for the role. However, after his untimely death in 1997, Mike Myers stepped in to fill the void. Unaware that he wasn't the first choice, Myers embraced the role wholeheartedly, adding a unique Scottish accent that has become synonymous with Shrek's character.
  • The Evolution of Shrek's Character: Shrek's character underwent significant changes after Myers took over. The Scottish accent, a unique addition by Myers, was believed to perfectly encapsulate the ogre's fluctuating moods, adding depth to the character.
  • The Animation Journey: Shrek's animation journey was a rollercoaster ride. Initially, the film was supposed to be a motion-captured one. However, this idea was scrapped due to its complexity, and the film was switched to full computer animation, which proved to be a wise decision, contributing to the film's success.
  • The Dark Origins: Like many original fairy tales, Shrek's original story was quite dark. The team had to redesign the story to make it more appealing and less obscure, resulting in the humorous and heartwarming tale we know today.
  • The Missed Opportunities: Interestingly, Nicolas Cage was considered for the role of Shrek, but he passed on the offer. Similarly, Janeane Garofalo was the first choice for Fiona, but the role eventually went to Cameron Diaz. These casting changes added to the unique charm of the film.
  • The Inspiration Behind Scenes: Some scenes in Shrek were inspired by children's records. The creators used their creativity to turn these inspirations into memorable scenes, such as the Gingerbread Man torture scene, which added a unique flavor to the film.
  • The Embrace of Gross-Out Humor: The production team wasn't shy about using gross-out humor. The opening scene, where Shrek is revealed to be in the toilet, is a prime example of this. This bold approach to humor set Shrek apart from other animated films, contributing to its enduring popularity.

Did you know?

Who produced the first live animation movie?

Given the popularity and history of Walt Disney, you'd be forgiven for thinking that old-timer Mickey Mouse was the first live animation movie. Let's clear up some confusion here.

Although the Mickey Mouse cartoon was one of the first live animated movies to be released, it certainly wasn't the pioneer for moving cartoons. Mickey Mouse's claim to fame was that he appeared in the first long length animated film to combine moving pictures with synchronized sound. The film was called Steamboat Willie and was released in 1928.

Here's the real did you know moment. According to historians and researchers worldwide, it was French illustrator, Emile Cohl, who created the first animation. Cohl drew a series of images in different poses that morphed into one another, giving the illusion of movement. This full length film was 1 minute 20 seconds long and was released in 1908.

Disney was the first to sync sound and images, but Cohl started the movement...both literally and figuratively.

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