Find Your Furry Alter Ego: Uncover Your Sesame Street Character


Sesame Street is one of the most well-known children's programs around for a good reason: it's been running for over 50 years! The concept of an educational children's show started in 1966 as a research project led by Joan Ganz Cooney, a television producer who wanted to discover if TV time could be beneficial to children's learning. Sesame Street's community consists of regular people as well as colorful marionette puppets, or Muppets originally brought to life by puppeteer Jim Henson. Today, Kermit the Frog, Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and other monster creations are household names. Since the show first aired, some characters have changed. Oscar the Grouch used to be orange, and Snuffleupagus was promoted from an imaginary friend to a full-fledged Sesame Street resident. Despite tweaks and changes, Sesame Street characters have retained large parts of their identity, and many adults feel strong nostalgia even when watching the show decades later. Take this quiz to find out which Sesame Street Character you are!

Did you know?

Can You Tell Me How to Get to... Fun Street?

For many people, educational children's television and Sesame Street are synonymous. But did you know that the show almost had a different name? Before Sesame Street became the agreed-upon title, Cooney and members of her team experimented with several different names, such as The Video Classroom and Fun Street. A strong candidate was 1-2-3 Avenue B, which paired well with the New York City-style set design on the show. Because it was a real address, staff worried the show would lose broader appeal to those unfamiliar with New York. According to producers like Jon Stone, the discussion went down to the wire, but Sesame Street was finally chosen in the end. The original promo film for Sesame Street features a dramatized reenactment of the Sesame Workshop boardroom meeting, with the now-familiar character Kermit the Frog explaining, "You know, like 'Open Sesame.' It kind of gives the idea of a street where neat stuff happens."

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