Discover Your Inner Pirate: Take the Pirates of the Caribbean Character Quiz!

Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular Disney movie franchise that brightened our childhoods and propelled the careers of actors such as Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, and Johnny Depp. This tale is full of romance and adventure on the high seas. Have you ever wondered which Pirates of the Caribbean character you would be? Are you Joshamee Gibbs, the wise and loyal ship crew member? Are you William Turner, the strong and determined leader, who longs to find his father? Are you Elizabeth Swann, the beautiful and headstrong daughter of a powerful diplomat? Or are you Jack Sparrow himself, a legendary captain who's free-spirited and sometimes selfish ways put him in undesirable situations? Let's see which pirate you would be.

Did you know?

Did You Know: Surprise Scenes that Shocked the Audience and the Actors

In the film, there are three scenes in particular that caught not only the audience but the actors off guard. Did you know that the return of Barbosa in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was written out of the actor's scripts? They did this in order to capture a more realistic reaction when Hector Barbosa made his return after his supposed death. Another surprise scene that shocked both the actors and the audience was the kissing scene between Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow in Dead Man's Chest. The scene was purposefully left out of Orlando Bloom's script in order to get a real reaction from him.

Johnny Depp is also known for his legendary improvising.  He improvised some of his lines, and this made the reactions from his cast members seem more authentic. In the scene where Jack is face to face with the pirates aboard Davy Jones's ship, he begins chanting, unscripted, that he has a "jar of dirt." This made the actors confused and appalled reactions all that much more real to viewers.

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