Which of Your Chakras Needs Balancing?


As the energy hot spots of our bodies, our chakras are responsible for many things. From how we express ourselves to our ability to connect with the divine, the seven chakras direct our energy flows and keep us balanced. However, a blocked chakra can have a significant impact on the way we view the world. For instance, a blocked heart chakra can inhibit healthy relationships, and an unbalanced throat chakra can keep us from expressing ourselves properly. If you've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, there's a high probability that one of your chakras needs to be realigned. During this quiz, you'll answer questions about your personality, spirituality, and how you see the universe. After we tally up your responses and compare them with the known symptoms, we'll let you know where you should place a healing emphasis. Which one of your chakras needs a little TLC? Take this quiz and find out!

Did you know?

There are many, many chakras

As the directors of our bodies' energy, having an unbalanced chakra is believed to cause physical and psychological problems. Even though the chakras are not bodily organs or parts of the body, they're considered the holding areas of the soul's energy. They're also considered a gateway to spiritual realms and the keys to connecting with the world around us. Often practiced alongside yoga, the concept of chakra alignment dates back to ancient times. However, the modern interpretation of having only seven chakras is far from the original practice. In earlier versions, future yogis were taught that there were 28 different chakras. It was only in 1577 that the original version was paired down to the seven chakras that we associate with the practice now. If you've never considered having them realigned, it's a great way to connect with your body and learn more about your spiritual side.

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