Which of These Urban Legends Happen to be True


Urban legends, spooky and creepy as the day is long. The modern-day source for such legends is CreepyPasta, a place where crazy stories are made. But did you know that some of those stories are true? Some have been in the headlines of the Washington Post! There are tons of paranormal sightings, but of course, a good majority of people would never, ever believe those.

That's why we're not going there. So, we're going with legends that are true and ones that are a sham. The question is, can you tell the difference?

The truth is, there are many legends that we don't know if they are true or not. So we really can't touch those without roof either way. So let's stick with what we do know. Don't worry; it will still give you nightmares! Just imagine for a second that tonight, you are forced to spend the night alone at your friend's lakehouse. There's a neighbor that lives two miles away, but you can see the light on their porch. Other than that, no human life exists for miles.

Upstairs, they have creepy statues that make you not want to go up there. But downstairs, there are big windows that let you see the lake and animals moving in the woods nearby. It's hard not to picture a man in that window or a woman in the giant mirrors in the living room.

That's because urban legends like the ones you're about to read about instill fear in us that we just can't shake. And in some instances, there's a very good reason for it.

Did you know?

The term urban legend has only been around since the 1960s

Many of the legends in this quiz were first created by a man named Jan Harold Brunvard in the 1960s. Born in 1933, Jan went on to received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and later, a Master of Arts degree in English. While studying, he made good friends with a folklorist and professor, who became a mentor. He then decided to take an undergraduate course in American Folklore. In this class, he was assigned to, "preparing a large and well organized personal collection of folklore garnered from oral tradition and furnished with informant data and background comments." The stuff he did here would later be in some of the books he would write later in life.

After years of majoring in folklore, talking to anyone he could about it, and archiving the school’s library, he decided to take the next step. He started writing books telling of what he’d learned and some including stories that he had created as examples of these folklore stories. It wasn’t long until he coined the term “urban legend” which is now widely used to describe modern folklore. Before long, Jan became a teacher at the folklore college, he studied at. Over the decades, he has traveled the world to become the master of urban legends, and to this day, he lives for it. That’s right, he’s still alive, living with his wife Judith in Salt Lake City…or is he?

How can we know what is the truth about the man they call "Mr. Urban Legend"?

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