Which of the Greatest Boxers Are You?


Great boxers stand tall as the kind of figures in sports and pop culture who capture our imaginations and become icons of their times. The sport of pugilism, the "sweet science," is legendary for the demands it places on the body and mind, and those who rise to the top are some of the finest athletes on Earth. But great boxers are more than just living examples of the human body and spirit at its toughest. Their personalities outside the ring have often had just as much of an impact as their feats inside it. Inspirational or colorful, bold or defiant, or just plain wild, the greats of boxing have all made their mark. If you've ever wondered which of these larger-than-life fighters has a personality most like yours, take this quiz! You might be surprised by what you have in common with boxing's biggest names.

Did you know?

A modern spectacle with ancient roots

Boxers have been thrilling audiences with displays of courage and skill, strength, and endurance for pretty much as long as historical records exist... and probably longer than that. The first known picture of boxers is a Sumerian carving more than four thousand years old, and boxers appear in art all over the ancient world in the following centuries. It was one of the biggest draws in the Olympics of the classical Greek world going back to 688 BCE, and it was just as popular in ancient Rome. The sport of prizefighting known to us started in 17th century England, evolving from bare-knuckled ring battles into a more structured contest with written rules. Codes like the London Prize Ring Rules of 1838 and the Marquess of Queensberry Rules of 1867 set the stage for modern boxing. The rise of mass media like radio and then television turned the boxing ring into one of the most captivating spectacles in the world.

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