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Did you know?

Disney's Folly

Walt Disney’s 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an iconic piece of film history beloved by people of all age. The film is known for being the first full-length animated feature, setting the stage for Disney’s future success. The film took three years to complete and costs ran well over budget. Nicknamed “Disney’s Folly,” Snow White cost the company $1.5 million and forced Walt to mortgage his home. Of course Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the most profitable film of all time, and the rest is Disney history.

Did you know that every cell in the movie was painted by hand? Or that the studios employed hundreds of women in the ink and paint but the credit roll features almost exclusively men? Helen Ogger was responsible for conceiving of and applying Snow White’s blush! She added dye to a cotton swab and gently dabbed the cheeks of the princess in every single frame. At 24 frames per second, that’s around 250,000 cheek dabs!

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