Which My Hero Academia Character Are You?


Have you ever dreamed of being a hero? Well, if you have, then chances are good that you've seen My Hero Academia. Centering on the personal journey of Izuku Midoriya as he tries to become the greatest hero in the world, meeting fascinating people and having grand adventures along the way to his dream. One of the reasons why this anime is so incredibly popular is the wide range of interesting and incredibly well-developed characters. There are many fan favorites besides Midoriya himself because there is something to love about each of them. Well, we've taken some of the most popular characters from the show and used them to put together a fun little quiz for you. Get ready, My Hero Academia fans, and prepare to learn which character from the show you are most similar to!


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Did you know?

This Show Is Full of Easter Eggs!

My Hero Academia is full of references to other popular works of heroic fantasy? Most famous, perhaps, are the many Star Wars references. Midoriya is trained by his teacher at Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, just as Luke Skywalker was trained by his teacher on planet Dagobah. The city the show is set in is named Musutafu, a reference to planet Mustafar, where Darth Vader came to be. In fact, the villain All for One is clearly modeled visually off of Darth Vader. There are also references to many other movies and shows. Shoto Todoroki is based on Prince Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both characters have the ability to manipulate fire, both characters start off as antagonists to the hero but later come to work with them, and both are scarred around the left eye. Midoriya gets a powered suit of armor at one point that malfunctions and nearly cripples him in the same way that Tony Stark's did in Iron Man 2. There are many more besides these, too. Part of the fun of watching the show is catching all of the references!

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