Which Muppet Character Are You?

Are you ready to find out which of the beloved Muppets best captures your unique personality? It's time to embark on an epic, hilarious journey and discover the beloved character that perfectly suits your colorful personality. With questions designed to test your interests and beliefs, this personality test accurately assesses your character traits. Whether you're looking for a bit of amusement or want to compare your Muppet incarnate with friends and family, this quiz will bring a smile to your face. So take a few minutes and discover which fuzzy friend may lurk deep within!

History Lesson

Tell me more about these Muppets

The Muppets are a beloved cast of puppet characters created by Jim Henson, who first appeared on the television program Sam and Friends in 1955. They quickly gained popularity and starred in several television shows, movies, and other media, becoming a beloved cultural institution along the way.

In the early years, the Muppets were a motley crew of characters, including Kermit the Frog, Rowlf the Dog, and Sam the Eagle. They were known for their humor, irreverence, and ability to appeal to children and adults.

In 1969, the Muppets became a household name with the debut of Sesame Street, a groundbreaking children's television show that combined educational content with humor and entertainment. On Sesame Street, the Muppets helped teach children about letters, numbers, and other basic skills, while also making them laugh and entertaining them.

The success of Sesame Street led to other television shows and movies featuring the Muppets. The Muppet Show, which debuted in 1976, was a variety show that featured skits, songs, and comedy bits, all hosted by Kermit the Frog. The show also introduced a number of new Muppet characters, including Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo the Great.

Over the years, the Muppets continued to evolve and expand, appearing in a number of movies, television specials, and other media. They even had their own theme park attraction, "Muppet*Vision 3D," which debuted at Walt Disney World in 1991.

Unfortunately, Jim Henson passed away in 1990, leaving behind a legacy that has continued to inspire and entertain people around the world. In the years since his death, the Muppets have continued to appear in new media, including a 2011 movie titled The Muppets, which introduced a new generation to these beloved characters.

Today, the Muppets remain as popular as ever, with a new generation of fans discovering them through movies and television shows. They continue to represent the best of Jim Henson's vision, embodying a sense of humor, creativity, and humanity that has always resonated with audiences.

Did you know?

Kermit the frog is a doctor

Yes, you read that correctly! Everyone's favorite amphibious Muppet was awarded an honorary doctorate of Amphibious Letters from Southampton College in New York in 1996. This prestigious degree was given to him for his efforts toward environmental awareness and education. Not only did he not have to take any classes, but he also gave the college's commencement speech on the day of his graduation! In his speech, Kemit wished the graduates; "..as we say in the wetlands, "Ribbit-ribbit-kneedeep-ribbit," which means "May success and a smile always be yours...even when you're kneedeep in the sticky muck of life."

This unique accomplishment made history, proving that even the littlest creatures can make a big difference!

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