Which Moana Character Are You?


"Moana," embarks on an unforgettable voyage across the vast expanse of the Pacific, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. Released in 2016 by Walt Disney Animation Studios, this musical fantasy adventure film charts a course into uncharted territories, both on the map and within the heart. Directed by the seasoned duo of John Musker and Ron Clements and buoyed by a screenplay from Jared Bush, "Moana" is more than a tale—it's a sprawling saga of identity, bravery, and exploration.

At the heart of "Moana" is the eponymous heroine, voiced by Auliʻi Cravalho, a young chieftain's daughter with a spirit as vast as the ocean. Alongside a star-studded cast featuring Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House, and others, Moana sets sail to save her people, guided by the stars and the ancient echoes of her ancestors. The film is a celebration of Polynesian culture, weaving a rich tapestry of mythology, music, and vibrant animation that has left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

But "Moana" is not just a story of adventure; it is a symphony of songs that resonate with the soul, thanks to the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i, and Mark Mancina. From the depths of the ocean to the shores of distant islands, Moana's journey is a clarion call to all who seek to find their own way in the world. Are you ready to navigate the vastness of the Pacific with Moana, to discover the legends of old and the truths that lie within us all? Join us on this journey as we set sail into the heart of "Moana."

History Lesson

The Story Behind Moana's Tattoos

When Disney's "Moana" hit the screens, it wasn't just a leap into uncharted waters for animation and storytelling; it was also a bold stride into portraying body art in children's cinema. For the first time, Disney introduced a lead character, Maui, adorned with heavily inked skin. Voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who's no stranger to tattoos himself, Maui brought the ancient art of Maori tattoos into the limelight. It's a move that didn't just win the hearts of audiences worldwide but also marked a significant moment of recognition for the tattoo community. After all, seeing a character with meaningful, culturally rooted tattoos in a major Disney film isn't something you come across every day.

What sets Maui's tattoos apart isn't just their visibility but the authenticity and respect with which they're treated. Disney didn't just slap on some generic designs for the sake of having a tattooed character; they dove deep into Polynesian culture to ensure accuracy and respect. The filmmakers collaborated with Su’a Peter Sulu’ape, a sixth-generation Samoan master tattooist, who meticulously reviewed every mark and pattern on Maui's body. This level of detail extended beyond just tattoos, with fishermen from Fiji advising on the movie's depiction of boats and ropes, embodying Disney's commitment to cultural authenticity.

Maui's tattoos are more than just body art; they're a narrative device, telling stories of his feats and adventures, which is a traditional aspect of Polynesian tattoos. They celebrate the connection between humanity and the natural world, a theme that's central to "Moana." This approach not only introduces young viewers to the significance of tattoos in Polynesian culture but also portrays tattoos in a positive light, challenging longstanding stereotypes. Disney's decision to bring such detailed attention to the tattoos in "Moana" signifies a broader acceptance and appreciation of this art form, marking a new era for animated characters and the stories they can tell.

Did you know?

The Voyage Continues in Moana 2

Did you know that the enchanting journey of Moana is set to sail even further with the upcoming release of "Moana 2"? As we prepare to dive back into the heart of the Pacific with our fearless wayfinder, here's a wave of fascinating tidbits about this eagerly awaited sequel.

"Moana 2" is not just a continuation but a bold leap into new adventures, exploring uncharted seas and stories untold. What began as a vision for a television series on Disney+ transformed into a full-blown theatrical sequel, showcasing Disney's commitment to expanding the beloved universe of Moana and Maui. With a budget that sails as high as $150 million, the stakes and the seas are indeed vast.

The helm of this grand voyage is steered by David G. Derrick Jr., marking his feature directorial debut. What makes Derrick's leadership particularly noteworthy is his Samoan heritage, bringing an authentic voice to the film's Polynesian roots. This milestone highlights the sequel's dedication to cultural depth and representation, promising a story that's both respectful and vibrant.

Returning to the ocean's call are Auli'i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, reprising their roles as Moana and Maui, respectively. Their dynamic chemistry and beloved characters are set to bring new depths to the tale. Adding to the creative current, the musical genius of Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa'i will once again grace the score, promising songs that capture the spirit of adventure and the pulse of the Pacific.

As "Moana 2" navigates its way to theaters on November 27, 2024, it promises to be a voyage of discovery, dreams, and the enduring power of friendship and family. So, ready your canoes and set your sights on the horizon, for the story of Moana is far from over, and the ocean's call is as compelling as ever.

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