Which Miraculous Ladybug Hero Matches Your Personality? Take the Quiz to Find Out!


Imagine living in Paris as a 14-year-old girl. You help a random old man and are gifted a pair of magical earrings in return. You find out that these earrings give you superpowers, and you begin life as a superhero fighting a supervillain that turns other people into villains. Along the way, her crime-fighting partner, Cat Noir, helps out. Unfortunately, she can never learn his true identity, or they will have to surrender their magical items, and Hawk Moth will win.

That is how Marinette got her start as the Miraculous Ladybug and has struggled to balance her normal life with her superhero responsibilities ever since. Thankfully, she has a ton of support from other heroes and friends along the way. Still, finding the time to be everything to everyone is a full-time job for a 14-year-old. Not to mention finding the courage to talk to the boy she loves and save Paris every other day. Miraculous Ladybug is filled with characters, and each one brings a new perspective and personality to the show. With a massive cast of characters, the show reflects distinct personalities we can relate to. Some are courageous and thoughtful, while others can be self-centered and mean. Still, others do all the wrong things for exactly the right reasons. With so many personalities on display, it's hard to figure out where you would fit in the story.

Whether a hero or a villain, we get a look at how these different personalities respond in different situations. It is safe to say that many people would act differently if they faced the same situations.

Did you know?

There Are Always More Heroes

Most hero stories have a small group of heroes and a massive group of villains for them to fight. Miraculous Ladybug is the opposite of so many hero stories. The hero group is much larger than normal with more than ten unique heroes in the show. Compared to the villains, of which there are only four at one time, they are consistently outnumbered by the good guys.

Cat Noir, Ladybug, Rena Rouge, and Carapace make up the main group. There is often a fifth hero around when the other four are present, even though who it is switches regularly.

In terms of villains, there are only four in the main cast. Hawk Moth, Mayura, and Lila are the regular villains cast with a fourth akumatized member.

How to Play?

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