Which Member of the Royal Family Are You?


Great Britain's prestigious royal family has been an icon of world history, politics, and culture for centuries of success and strife, capturing the imaginations of friends and foes alike. While there are no longer sword battles and tyrannical kings, the British Royal Family remains relevant in the 21st century, to its subjects and even beyond. Queen Elizabeth II and her family remain beloved around the world for their style, charity, and big personalities, not to mention the endless speculation about succession.

Are you one of those people who adore the British Royal Family? Are you known as the Royal Family expert among your friends? Or maybe you're a casual fan of this historic monarchy. Are you classy and respected like the late Queen Elizabeth? Are you straightforward and caring like Prince William? Well, let's find out!

Did you know?

A coronation fit for a Queen!

On February 6, 1952,  Queen Elizabeth took the throne immediately after her father, King George VI's, death. However, the official Coronation would take place over a year later, on June 2, 1953. While this may seem like a long time ago, the coronation was a massive event that highlighted the importance of the latest household technology: television! Queen Elizabeth's Coronation was the first broadcast on television with 27 million people across Great Britain and millions around the world tuned in, too. But the British coronation is an important religious and national tradition that dates back centuries. Since 1066, Westminster Abbey in London has held every Royal coronation. Queen Elizabeth was the 39th sovereign and the 6th Queen coronated at Westminster Abbey. Over sixty-five years after her coronation, Queen Elizabeth is a beloved national figure throughout Great Britain and the world. To this day, she continues to symbolize British patriotism and identity.

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