Which Matrix Character Is Your Residual Self-Image?


The Matrix was revolutionary in its ideas and artistic execution when it premiered in 1999. From bullet-time cinematography to head-to-toe black leather, the science fiction blockbuster was an iconic moment in time. The film didn't just inspire fashion and influence filmmaking forever. It also welcomed a whole new set of philosophies, along with a cast of unique and unforgettable characters. They represent people from all tiers of society and how they survive within The Matrix — which some argue we are, in fact, living. If it were true that you were living in a simulation, which character from The Matrix, do you think you would be? Are you an independent thinker who searches for the truth, or do you merely play by the rules and hope that people leave you in peace? Would you go out of your way to help others, or would you prefer to create chaos for your own amusement? Your choices will reflect your motivations and desires, ultimately deciding your residual self-image...

Did you know?

The Matrix has a huge plot hole

The notion that robots could enslave the human race is terrifying, and audiences wondered if such a bleak fate was possible for humankind. The Wachowskis did such a great job with the film, however, that most people overlooked a major plot hole: that the human body makes for a terrible energy conductor. Our bodies consume many high-energy products, such as food and oxygen, but only convert a fraction of it into low-grade heat. The machines could create more heat energy from less-intelligent creatures, like cows, that would require a far less complicated version of The Matrix.

Rumor has it that the original idea for the script proposed that the machines enslaved the humans to use them as computer processors. By hacking into humans' neural networks, they could run infinite programs simultaneously. Studio heads thought the idea was too convoluted and would go over audiences' heads, so they settled on the idea of humans as batteries.

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