Find Out Your League of Legends Alter Ego: Which Champion Are You?

League of Legends is one of the most popular battle arena games ever released. If you are a fan of League of Legends, you've likely wondered how you would handle living in the exciting world they inhabit. How would you deal with being thrust into a duel with other champions? Could you find a way to destroy the enemy Nexus? Are you a cunning fighter? Do you prefer to rely on power? Are you the kind of person who will stand up and fight for others, or are you only looking out for yourself? Well, to help you out, we've drawn up a list of insightful questions that will find out what you are made of and show you which League of Legends champion you are inside.

Did you know?

League of Legends Is Full of Hidden Gems

League of Legends has a lot of Easter eggs hidden everywhere. Part of the fun of the game is finding them all and figuring out what they mean. For example, Fiora, the fencer, is a reference to real-life fencing master Fiore de Liberi, an Italian knight. Aatrox’s animation is a shout out to the Balrog from the Lord of the Rings movies. The champion Yasuo taunts ninja opponents by making jokes about their mothers, in reference to the legendary enmity between samurai and ninjas. Jax sometimes says, “Here’s to you, kid!” to honor the memory of a Make a Wish Foundation kid whose favorite character was Jax. Vi’s splash art has her standing in front of a magnificent city, and Jinx’s splash art has her standing in precisely the same place, but with the city in ruins, hinting at some mysterious connection between the characters. The champion Teemo is based on an emoticon, and his name is an anagram of the word “emote.” There’s even a way to give the adorable Poros giant black mustaches. Though you will be understandably busy during the game, you should try to keep an eye out for hidden gems like these!

How to Play?

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