Unlock the Kakegurui Universe: Discover Your Character Alter Ego!


There's no use pretending. At Hyakkaou Private Academy, students learn the facts of life, not spelling and grammar. Their lessons are secondary to a high-stakes gambling obsession built into the curriculum, where the consequences of failure are humiliation and, if they quit, irreparable harm to their families as well. To avoid the dead-end role as a subhuman servant to the winners, students must find a way to make it in this harsh world, whether it's skill, manipulation, the humiliation of others, or living wildly and obsessively for the moment. Whether you're the ensconced student president sitting on a pile of money, or the enigmatic transfer student who takes insane risks on the first day, a poor scholarship student acting out her shame by humiliating others, or a kind soul with plenty of useful talent but hitting bottom of compassion, it's time to confess your way of living as a modern capitalist as you prepare for the real world — if it's ready to face you after you graduate. Spin the wheel, play the cards, and keep your life or lose it! Which Kakegurui character are you, and what is your destiny?

Did you know?

From Femmes Fatales to Ruthless Competitors

The Japan Times compares the setting of Kakegurui's live version with an elegant 007 casino setting. Much of the ruthless advantage is claimed by the female competitors, with innovative and outside-the-box strategies to cling to success and climb to the top of the destiny that awaits. Based in a private school attended by the offspring of the political and financial elite, there is one message that steps outside the exciting story to impress the world: the next generation of capitalists may not be clinging to tradition and following the rituals and routines of those who went before. When power and survival are claimed by those who choose new ways to thrive, the old school capitalists will be left behind. Though, as the Times notes, the finalists are easily guessed, newcomers to the game of business can be some of its most brutal competitors.

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