Which “It Ends With Us” Character Are You Most Like?


Is it a tale of love, or is it a tale of sorrow? While it depends on the English class spin you put on it, "It Ends With Us" is a masterpiece that captures the world's imagination. The timeless story of love lost, found, and lost again, takes readers into a world many find relatable. As it tugs on the heartstrings, it also makes you feel like you know each character better than they know themselves. So it's only natural to wonder which "It Ends With Us" character you're most like. Answer each question honestly, and find out exactly who you share the most traits with!

Did you know?

Colleen Hoover gives back

At only 42 years old, Colleen Hoover has had a career that many older writers can envy. With 22 novels and novellas under her belt, she has quickly risen to the height of New Adult and Young Adult author fame. When she first started writing, she didn't have any assistance in the writing field. In fact, she self-published many of her novels before being picked up by a publisher. Now a New York Times #1 Best-selling Author, she has proven that she has the skills to consistently contribute quality work to her audience. However, she never forgets the early days. After receiving critical acclaim, she started The Bookwork Box, a subscription service that delivers books signed by authors all over the globe. She donates all the proceeds from the service to various charities in need of funding. To date, The Bookworm Box has raised over $1 million for those in need.

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