Which Iconic Celebrity Matches Your Personal Style?


Cast your mind over the last 25 years of pop culture, and you'll realize how many gloriously memorable fashion moments there have been, from the best dressed to the makers of fashion faux pas. Remember Halle Berry's stunning burgundy Elie Saab Oscars dress with mesh bodice and an asymmetrical skirt? How about Björk's dead swan dress from the year before? Fashion connoisseurs have had much to pour over, and Vogue's' YouTube channel and episodes of The Kardashians give behind-the-scenes insights into the blood, sweat, and tears that go into each curated look. But fashion is about more than the red carpet. It's about what you wear every day too. We're guessing you know your brocade from your organza and your couture from your atelier, but even if you don't, we have just the quiz for you. So, cue Fergie's song Glamorous and let's find out which female celebrity shares your style sensibility...

History Lesson

How celebrities shape our wardrobe

Fashion isn't just about clothing; it's a revolving door of culture, personality, and bold statements, often led by the most watched and admired figures in society: celebrities. These icons don't just follow trends; they create them, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. Take Audrey Hepburn, for instance, whose name is synonymous with the Little Black Dress. Her classic look in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" – a simple Givenchy column gown paired with a pearl necklace and oversized sunglasses – transformed this outfit into an enduring symbol of elegance and simplicity. It's not just about the dress; it's about the persona Hepburn brought to it, making it a timeless piece in every woman's closet.

Then there's the bold and fearless Diana Ross, who blurred the lines between costume and everyday wear. Her extravagant wigs and embellished gowns screamed 'diva' in the most positive light, influencing the Motown style and beyond. Ross's fashion choices were more than just clothing; they were a statement of confidence and self-expression. Similarly, Katharine Hepburn pioneered the menswear trend for women, breaking gender norms and introducing a new era of androgynous style. Her on-screen and off-screen fashion choices, favoring tailored suits and sportswear, reshaped the American look and inspired women to embrace a more relaxed, yet sophisticated wardrobe.

In more recent times, celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna have continued this legacy of fashion innovation. Madonna's adoption of low-rise pants in the '90s, initially a shock to the public, set a new trend in motion, influencing an entire generation's style. Rihanna, known for her daring fashion choices, brought back the trend of wearing heels with socks, adding a fresh twist to what was once considered a fashion faux pas. These trends are more than just passing fads; they're reflections of the celebrities' personalities and the times, showing how fashion is an ever-evolving tapestry of cultural and personal expression.

Did you know?

How has the feminine touch weaved into men's fashion in recent years?

For too long, men's fashion has been dull and dour compared to what's available to women. The ladies got to play with colors, patterns, textures, accessories, and makeup, and year after year, the men photographed at major awards events wore the standard tux. Yawn. Cut to today and the gender-blurring trends pushing the boundaries of modern men's style. Suddenly, the guys have become as much a part of the sartorial conversation as the gals. Silhouettes have become bolder, and designs have become more experimental. Cishet men like Harry styles who are secure in their masculinity are embracing dainty earrings and delicate laces, and queer folks like Troye Sivan, Lil Nas X, and Emma Corrin are changing the game too. Men have been wearing robes and skirt-like garments (the Scottish kilt, anyone) since ancient times, and it was only in the 18th century that the Western world started to build a social stigma around the practice.

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