Which "Hunter x Hunter" Character Are You?


Do you think you are the friend and stellar assassin, Killua Zoldyck? What about the scarlet-eyed Kurapika? Whichever character you may be, Hunter x Hunter has turned anime on its head. The revolved around the idea that nobody is truly good or evil and transformed the manga and anime landscape, resulting in more complicated characters and situations being created. No longer is the innocent boy a representation of everything good. The creation of Con Freecss and the other Hunter x Hunter characters showed that child-like characters could also be bloodthirsty, revengeful murders.  Even though the show only lasted for 4 years, it still introduced a new generation to a new type of anime. Take the quiz and find out which Hunter x Hunter character you are.

Did you know?

There's more than one iteration of the story

The 2011 version of the Hunter x Hunter anime is not the first iteration of the show to air on television. Hunter x Hunter was originally a Japanese manga series that debuted in 1998. So far there have been over 380 chapters made into 36 volumes. In 1999, Nippon Animation brought Hunter x Hunter to life by creating a manga series to air on Japanese television. The most recent manga series debuted in October 2011, 10 years after the first ended. 148 episodes were created, as well as two films that were released to Japanese theaters in 2013. Just like many other manga, the Hunter x Hunter brand was extended to video games, music albums, and musicals. In 2005, Hunter x Hunter went international where the series was dubbed and released to European and North American audiences, furthering increasing its popularity around the globe.

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