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Howl’s Moving Castle is one of Miyazaki’s most beloved films. It’s a story of magic, war, love, courage, and self-discovery. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ve probably fantasized about living in the magical yet dangerous land of Ingary, walking its cobbled streets, rubbing elbows with witches and wizards, and flying on its delightfully bizarre flying machines. How would you handle life in such a world? Would to spread vile rumors about yourself to keep people at arm’s length like Howl does? Would you be as loving and hard-working as Sophie is? Would you have the patience and selflessness of Turnip Head? Could you take the big risks that Calcifer took?

Did you know?

The war was an invention of Miyazaki's

The war that plays such a prominent role in the plot of Howl's Moving Castle is, for the most part, an invention of Miyazaki's. Although it was present in the book the movie was based on, it was referenced only in passing and played no role in the plot. Miyazaki expanded the role of the war because he wanted to make a political statement about the war in Iraq. As a pacifist, Miyazaki was furious about and disgusted, so he wanted his next project to address war's evils, idiocy, and capriciousness. He even created the character of Madame Suliman to demonstrate how even intelligent people were capable of such evil as a result of callousness and ignorance. Despite this, there are no outright villains in the movie, as is typical of Miyazaki's work. Instead, there are just complex people with complicated motives.

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