Uncover Your Divine Identity: Take Our Quiz and Determine Your Greek God Alter Ego


From atop mighty Olympus, the Greek gods rule. All-knowing and all-powerful, each represents a piece of the natural world — from physical matter like the ocean to concepts like wisdom and love. Mere mortals matter not to them, simply there to be ruled, wooed, and punished. And when mortals anger the gods, divine justice is swift and severe. Most mortals would never attempt to compare themselves — for fear of wrath for their arrogance — but you are not like most people. Perhaps you truly are more Olympian than human. Are you Mighty Zeus, Ruler of the Heavens? Wise and crafty Athena, Goddess of Athens? Maybe you resemble beautiful Aphrodite, the icon of Love or industrious Hephaestus, smith to the greatest warriors in the world. Who wouldn't want to be Dionysus, patron of wine, art, and all things fun? This quiz will weigh your best and worst qualities and decide, once and for all, whether you are worthy to sit amongst the gods. If you succeed, you'll be remembered for thousands of years through song, art, and legend. And if you fail, you might end up sharing a fate with poor Prometheus...

Did you know?

Where did the Greek Gods Come From?

The mythological answer is that they were the children of the Titans — who themselves were children of Gaia, the Earth. The gods overthrew the titans in a huge uprising. Zeus became King of the Gods, and his children make up much of the Greek Pantheon. The historical answer is a bit more complex. In very early history, small communities prayed to specific deities. As these communities intermingled, they shared their legends and adopted new ones. Because Greek religion was not organized like many modern religions, it was easy to bring new gods into the Pantheon. What we know as Greek religion is preserved through literature — stories like the Iliad and the Odyssey — and archaeological remains. Regardless of how they came to be, the stories of the Greek gods continue to inspire new legends and retellings, even today.

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