Which Golf Star Are You Most Like?


Golf is an incredibly popular sport among people from all walks of life. Golf enthusiasts spend every minute they can with a club in their hands and their heads full of plans for improving their games. And when they're not out golfing themselves, they're watching the golf stars do it. If you love golf, you've probably wondered how you stack up against those golf stars. Could you play in their league? Do you share any of their strengths? Do you share any of their weaknesses? Do you have a playstyle like that of your favorite golf star? Well, if you want to find out which of the golf stars you are most similar to, then take this quiz we've made for you.

Did you know?

The origin of golf is lost to the mists of time

Nobody actually knows how old the game of golf is. Some people think it started in ancient Rome with the game of paganica, which involved hitting a stuffed leather ball with bent sticks. Other people believe that golf began in ancient China with the game of chuiwan, which appears to have involved trying to hit a small ball into a hole with things that looked a lot like golf clubs. The game of kolven in the Netherlands, which involved curved bats and a ball, is another candidate. So is the Persian game of chowkan.

Nevertheless, the modern version of the game was invented in Scotland in the 15th century. King James II promptly banned golf because it distracted the Scottish people from learning archery to prepare for war. However, the game was unbanned half a century later by King James IV, when he became a massive fan of the game.

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