Which GLOW Character Are You Destined to be for Halloween?


GLOW is THE 2017 summer show on Netflix everyone needs to watch. The show has hair spray, shine, spandex, and all things spectacularly 1980s. It chronicles young actresses in Hollywood who find themselves in the world of women’s wrestling. Obviously you found yourself addicted and wondering which lady you would be copying the big hair of come Halloween. Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which glittering GLOW lady you’re going to sparkle as for your costume this year.

Did you know?

GLOW was a real show!

Netflix's hit series "GLOW" is based on the real events surrounding the campy and low budget show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which reached popularity on American televisions from 1986 to 1990. The show featured untrained female wrestlers-many of whom were desperately out of work actors. The show embraced its camp by putting comedic skits in between the wrestling bouts. Another classic element to the show was that the women wrestlers typically began every episode with a rap and each wrestler character had their own signature rap. The politically incorrect personas of the women wrestlers were separated into "good" and "bad" characters, or "faces" and "heels" as they came to be known. The women were even expected to keep these personas off camera, as the producer insisted that rivalries on the show not travel or fraternize with their onscreen enemies. Keeping rivals apart had to be especially difficult because the cast lived dorm-style complete with curfews at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas while they were filming. During its four seasons, the show gained many fans and a place in pop culture. In fact, if you happen to be one of those big fans, apparently some of the original real G.L.O.W. women, like Jeanne Basone, aka "Hollywood," make themselves accessible to wrestling fans for a fee.

How to Play?

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