Which Fashion Era Resonates with Your Personal Style?


Have you ever wondered which decade of style you're most drawn to? Just as everyone has their own inner muse, we all have an iconic decade of fashion that speaks to us more than others. The problem is, with all the choices out there, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which one. If opening up your closet is a chaotic experience or looking through your drawers leaves you with decision paralysis, it might be time to streamline your style. The best way to do this is to solidify your fashion aesthetic. If you're here, you're probably the nostalgic sort who loves incorporating a hint of "retro" into your outfits. Instead of fretting, you can have fun with it once you know which direction to take your style in. This fashion personality quiz is a quick (and fun) way to help you find the right era to take your inspiration from.

History lesson

Eco-chic vs. Quick fix: the fashion face-off

Fast fashion's allure lies in its convenience and affordability, churning out trendy pieces at lightning speed. However, this rapid production comes at a cost. While these garments might be easy on the wallet, they're often not built to last, leading to increased waste as items are discarded after just a few wears. Moreover, the environmental toll is staggering, with the fast fashion industry accounting for a significant chunk of the world's carbon emissions. Ethically, it's a mixed bag, too, with many workers in the industry facing subpar wages and challenging working conditions.

On the flip side, sustainable fashion is making waves, prioritizing both the planet and its people. These brands focus on producing clothing that's environmentally friendly, ensuring reduced waste and lower carbon emissions. The quality of sustainable fashion pieces is notably higher, meaning they last longer and, over time, can even be more cost-effective than their fast fashion counterparts. Beyond just the environment, sustainable brands often champion ethical practices, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for their employees.

Supporting sustainable fashion isn't just about buying eco-friendly clothes; it's about endorsing a movement that values ethical practices and environmental responsibility. While sustainable fashion might currently lag behind fast fashion in terms of market share, its growth is undeniable. From sustainable fashion weeks cropping up globally to significant market growth predictions, it's clear that eco-conscious fashion is more than just a fleeting trend.

Did you know?

There's a "nostalgia cycle" in fashion?

Although every decade has a distinct personality, fashion is cyclical. Styles from previous eras, typically two to three decades prior, often re-emerge as nostalgia for that time period grows.

The 1980s revived 1950s fashions with the return of Ray-Bans, saddle shoes, letterman jackets, and movies like Back to the Future. In the late-1990s, 1960s, and 1970s, retro was at its peak. Austin Powers was a hit at the Box Office, and big collars, bell bottoms, and platform shoes briefly came back with a vengeance. The 2000s brought back 1980s trends like neon, leg warmers, bangles, checkerboard patterns, and skater skirts. The 2010s were all about the 90s, and now that we’re in the 2020s, we are finally seeing a resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic.

Retro fashion borrows trends from previous time periods to bring the “old” into the modern era. While trends from 10 years ago feel hopelessly stale, a few decades will give us enough distance from them that they -- believe it or not -- will feel fresh and new again.

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