Discover Your Perfect Canine Match: Find the Best Dog Breed for You

In this dog-eat-dog world, we could all use a furry friend. Nothing beats being greeted by a wagging tail and a drooling tongue when you get home from work. Plus, exercising outdoors is always more fun with man's best friend at your side. But finding the perfect breed for your unique lifestyle can be tricky. Do you want a pooch that loves to run around and play all day, or would you prefer one that's content to snuggle with you on the couch? Maybe you're looking for a dog that will be the guardian of your home or a mutt that demands to be spoiled. You might want to get a hound that's picture-perfect for all your social media posts or adopt a shelter pet that truly longs for a loving home. Once you pick a new pet, there's no going back. So paws for a moment and take this quiz to help determine what you should look for in your next fur baby.

Did you know?

U.S. Presidents love dogs. Mostly.

There have been dozens of different presidents in the history of the United States, and they've all governed in different ways. But many share one common thing, and that's owning a dog. The French gave George Washington a number of hounds which he nurtured and bred into what is now recognized as the American Foxhound. France is also where Thomas Jefferson found a Briard named Buzzy, which he took back to America. He bred her so her puppies could watch over his sheep at Monticello. Theodore Roosevelt's son owned a bull terrier named Pete that gained infamy when he tore the pants of a French ambassador. Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog, roamed the White House during the Obama Administration. They picked this unique breed because one of President Obama's daughters suffered from allergies, and Bo was a hypoallergenic breed. Fun fact: Lyndon Johnson once raised eyebrows when he picked up his beagle by the ears to pose for a picture. We don't recommend you do the same thing.

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