Which Colleen Hoover Character Are You Most Like?


With 22 novellas and novels and a #1 New York Times Best-seller on her resume, Colleen Hoover has quickly built a name for herself in the publishing industry. Whether you prefer "Ugly Love" or "It Ends With Us," her style has captivated audiences around the world. She's such a great storyteller that there are many characters that any fan can find something in common with. The question is — which one of Colleen Hoover's characters are you most like? How would you react to life's perils? What about the most mundane of options out there? Believe it or not, it matters. Are you ready to find out which of Colleen Hoover's many famous characters you're most like? Let's find out!

Did you know?

Writing is a dream come true

At the age of 42, Colleen Hoover has outwritten many of her favorite authors. As a small-town girl in Texas, she always dreamed of becoming an author, though it always felt like a distant dream that couldn't be reached. Even when she attended college at Texas A&M, she couldn't get the thought of being a writer out of her head. Although she graduated with a degree in social work, her passion for words lingered. When she finally completed her first pieces, she wanted to get them out into the world and began self-publishing. Soon to be picked up by Simon & Schuster, her instant fame came to her as quite a surprise. For her, writing was a dream come true.

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