Which Code Geass Character Are You?


Code Geass is a character-driven action show or an action-driven character show. It has few clear-cut heroes and villains. Instead, there's a load of interesting, nuanced characters with differing motivations. No hero is so pure as to be without darkness, and even some truly villainous types have noble, even loving motivations. If you are a fan of the show, you have probably been wondering which of the characters you are most similar to. Do you have the drive and devotion of Lelouch? Do you have the loyalty and idealism of Suzaku? Could you survive in the harsh, war-torn world these characters inhabit? What would you be willing to compromise to achieve your goals? To help you figure out which Code Geass character you really are, we've created a quiz full of insightful questions that reveal the answer to this burning question.

Did you know?

The Geass comes from mythology

The concept of the magical Geass is not something that was just made up for use on this show. It actually comes from ancient Celtic folklore, in which a geas was a spell that could be laid on anyone to compel them to do some specific thing, whether they wanted to do it or not. Celtic spells were often connected with witches and other magical creatures. The immortal C.C., who gave Lelouch the Geass, may be a nod to this fact. The Geass is central to one of the major themes of the show, which is an exploration of what people do with power when they have it, what motivates them to do it, and what their use of power shows about their characters. Each of the main characters on the show has a different relationship to power, and the ways each character uses it says something profound about human nature.

How to Play?

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