Which Character from TV's Yellowstone Are You?


If you've made your way through Yellowstone like us, you might be wondering which character your personality most closely matches. We can all agree that the show earns an A for its top-list casting and thrilling storyline, but do you find yourself going back and forth on which character you like most? They all have their perks, as well as their less-than-appealing traits. If you can't decide between the powerful and charming John Dutton or the mysterious Beth Dutton, we have you covered. One thing we know is that the show is truly addicting, and you can get your fix here by finding out which Yellowstone character you would be if we pulled you out of your hometown and dropped you into the vast open Montana ranch. So, let's find out if you'd be riding horseback, defending your favorite characters in court, or making all the ranchmen blush.

Did you know?

You can stay at the Yellowstone Ranch

You can actually live out your dreams of staying at the Dutton Ranch. The same ranch where Yellowstone is filmed rents out its cabins. The farm is located in Darby, Montana, just a few hours from Yellowstone National Park. Locals in real life know the ranch by the name of Chief Joseph Ranch but are sure to know what you're talking about when you ask for directions to the Dutton Ranch. Unlike other TV destinations, which don't always live up to their appeal, the Chief Joseph Ranch is beautiful and memorable. While you can't visit the Dutton family home, you can rent out a few of the cabins that have appeared in the show. Wake up, walk the grounds, and try to locate the spot of some of your favorite scenes. Perhaps, you'll bring a pair of your favorite cowboy boots and really get into character.

How to Play?

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