Which Character from The Mandalorian Are You?


Imagine you find yourself at the edge of the galaxy in the Outer Rim, low on credits, looking for new opportunities. What if you had to make choices similar to the leading characters in The Mandalorian? Would you carve out a new life among the planets? Would you further the cause of The Empire? Only you know the answers to where you’d end up in a galaxy far, far away...

Did you know?

Thank Werner Herzog for insisting The Child not be CGI

The Mandalorian was the first live-action TV series made exclusively for Disney+ and became an overnight success due in part to the lovable puppet, Baby Yoda. The adorable character cost $5,000,000, and required the talent of two puppeteers; it certainly would have been much cheaper to use CGI. In fact, during production, there were many opportunities to do so, but actor Werner Herzog implored the producers to keep the puppet. When there was talk of shooting a scene sans puppet, Herzog remarked, “What are you doing? You are cowards. Leave it. Leave it.” So if you see him on the streets, thank Mr. Herzog for intervening. We couldn’t deal with any more CGI Star Wars characters. Jar Jar Binks was enough for a lifetime.

How to Play?

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