Which Character From "The Good Place" Are You?


If you love humor, philosophy, and sitcom legend Ted Danson, it's safe to assume you loved The Good Place! In the course of its four-season run, the show explored different ideas about the afterlife and morality. While the character's journeys took them (literally) across the universe, they stayed close to each other, and they stayed connected with viewers. As easy as it is to get tangled up in the plot and its many "holy shirt" moments, the leads help make the series truly memorable.

You may already have a favorite character, but in a show that's all about connecting with others, we're asking you to connect with yourself by finding your true The Good Place character! Are you resilient like Eleanor, a social butterfly like Tahani, a scholar like Chidi, or from Florida like Jason Mendoza? You'll find your character soul mate by taking our quiz!

Did you know?

Where did they film the good place in "The Good Place"?

While the show would eventually take its lead characters to locations all over the universe, in the first season, the main story was firmly rooted in the Good Place itself (or was it?). So, where did the creators go when it came time to create a location that could serve as the Good Place? The show set up shop at the Little Europe backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood, which has played host to a number of movies, including the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. Despite the name, the lot can provide much more than a European locale: the TV show Heroes once used it to depict India. Like The Good Place, the set itself had its own dramatic moments. Little Europe had to be rebuilt in 1967, as a devastating fire destroyed the original location. The first set was home to many more features, including some of the studio's classic horror films, including Dracula and Frankenstein!

How to Play?

Our personality quizzes are set up a little differently than your basic trivia quiz, but you’ve probably seen their kind around. Rather than having to choose the right answer from a list of multiple choice options, in this case, there is no “right answer”! (Two plus two will always be four, but every Golden Girls character is equally awesome.)

So, stop stressing. Just click on the answer that suits you best, and enjoy the ride. These quizzes are just for fun but who knows – you might just learn something about yourself along the way!

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