Which Character from "The Expanse" Do You Emulate IRL?

The Expanse is a gritty sci-fi sesries that shows the dark side of future space exploration. Its characters must work together to overcome fractured factions, planetary politics, and corrupt forces working against them to save humanity from an alien threat. The series features a wide array of extraordinary characters, from the tough Martian Marine Bobbie Draper to the idealistic James Holden to the cunning politician Chrisjen. But where would you fit into the complicated alliances and extraterrestrial dangers of The Expanse? Would you be a proud Belter like Carina Drummer, a whip-smart engineer like Naomi Nagata, or even a hot-headed fighter like Amos? So strap into your seat, prepare to hit high-G's, and get ready to learn which character from The Expanse you would be!

Did you know?

The showrunner of "The Expanse" is actually a scientist?

Naren Shankar is the showrunner for "The Expanse" and has a doctorate in applied physics and electrical engineering—making him just as qualified as his space-traveling characters! Shankar told Science magazine that the realistic details are what drew him to work on "The Expanse." The aspects of the show that set it apart from other sci-fi—like the effects of low gravity on human bodies, the ship physics, and the communication delays—are real challenges that affect space exploration today. "[The] embraced all of the things most science fiction shows run away from," Shankar told Science magazine. "The fact that you don't have weight unless your ship is accelerating, the fact that communication in space is not instantaneous. We use that for drama."

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